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  • Conveyed Products
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    nbsp 0183 32 Spent Clay 39 5 630 Spent Coffee Grounds 58 930 Spent Grain 40 640 Sponge Iron 99 2 1590 Spray Dried Clay Powder 27 2 440 Sprayable Concrete Mix 36 6 590 Stainless Steel Shot 42 6 680 Starch Corn 43 689 Starch Corn 36 8 600 Starch Pregelatnized...

  • Population balance modeling of cationic polyacrylamide
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    nbsp 0183 32 The prehydrolysis liquor PHL was received from a mill located in Eastern China The particle size of the PHL was 200 nm measured by Mastersizer 2000 Malvern Instruments Inc Malvern UK NaCl was used to adjust the electrolyte concentration in the flocculation system...

  • High pressure dewatering rolls Comparison of a novel
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    nbsp 0183 32 For the calcium carbonate the alum and the paper mill wastewater suspension flocculant was added before dewatering This increased the aggregated particle size and aided solids retention in the HPDR A cationic flocculant FA920SH supplied by SNF...

  • Evolving a flocculation process for isolating lignosulfonate
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    nbsp 0183 32 The spent liquor of sulfite pulping process contains lignosulfonate In most cases the spent liquor is treated in the wastewater facilities of the process and thus its lignosulfonate is decomposed Alternatively lignosulfonate can be recovered from the spent liquor and considered as a by-product 16...

  • Direct contact membrane distillation as an alternative to
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    nbsp 0183 32 The system was programmed to work at 1000 W for 5 min up to the processing temperature 110 and 200 C and maintained at 400 W for 5 and 60 min autogenous pressure The selected pH values were 6 7 5 9 11 and 13 adjusted with NaOH...

  • Zinc smelting
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    nbsp 0183 32 Zinc smelting is the process of converting zinc concentrates ores that contain zinc into pure zinc Zinc smelting has historically been more difficult than the smelting of other metals e g iron because in contrast zinc has a low boiling point At temperatures typically used for smelting metals zinc is a gas that will escape from a...

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