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  • Lake District
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    nbsp 0183 32 The negative impact of tourism has been seen however Soil erosion caused by walking is now a significant problem with millions of pounds being spent to protect overused paths In 2006 two tourist information centres in the National Park were closed...

  • Environmental effect of mineral exploitation in Nigeria
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    nbsp 0183 32 According to estimates well over 2 567 966 barrels of crude oil has been spilled in 5733 incidents in Niger Delta area from 1076 -2000 and about 549 060 barrels were...

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    nbsp 0183 32 2 Approximately 1 2 million years ago a series of volcanos erupted which spread ash and pyroclastic flow 4 that drained out the top part of the magma chamber 5 See Oct 29 Tr at 75 1-13 Fogleman Fogleman Report at 4 Pueblo of Jemez v...

  • Ancient stone masonry constructions
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    nbsp 0183 32 Intrusive rocks are formed through crystallization of magma within the earth s crust Due to the slow crystallization process they are characterized by granular structures A typical intrusive rock is granite widely used in the architecture of northern Portugal Galicia Brittany northern Sardinia and...

  • Potentially harmful elements and their health implications
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    nbsp 0183 32 A Chukwu S C ObioraGeochemical constraints on the petrogenesis of the pyroclastic rocks in Abakaliki basin lower Benue Rift Southeastern Nigeria J...

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